Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Weaver Scraps!

It was that time of the year when 
weavers unite!  Our bi-annual state conference is always
a delight--an opportunity to learn from each other.
The next few blog posts will be showing off weavers' work and ideas.
First up,
what do you do with handwoven fabric?  How about covering buttons
with those small scraps?  The black and white is a lovely scarf, perfect
for man's wear.

How about a woven luggage tag?  Great idea!
and sets your piece off from others.

An apron is always appropriate--this one is worn by vendors
to spot the proper person to pay for that purchase you 
want to make.

An ipad cover!  oh yea!  

Here is the lovely scarf that was given as a door prize............
wish I had won!  This just a few ideas that work with
handwoven fabric.

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