Friday, May 11, 2018

More Books to Read.............That Makes Me Happy!!

Thank goodness, on our Costco trip today, I didn't
find one single book that I wanted to read,........
BUT, that doesn't mean I didn't find any
books to read

My list begins again--I've already finished several of
the books from my past listing of books to read--
I am NOT going to be like my mother--who
has A book to Read!  I want plenty to choose

This book was a must since we saw the Independent Film
about "Texas Dance Halls"--Historic local halls
of importance to the communities they serve--
the photos are awesome in this book--

Couldn't do without this cookbook--
it's a delight to read through the recipes and
feel like I'm sitting at the table with Joanna
Gaines as she serves up plenty of delicious

This is one of my favorite authors--I've read all of
her books on Rei Shimura based in Japan
This is a new series set in India--so happy to
read about India and learn more of the customs
and culture

Jane Harper--what fun reads--she has authored
"The Dry" set in Australia--we travel the world through
our books

and now, lets learn more about Indigo!!  One of
my favorite dyes
So excited to see this--historical novel about Eliza Lucas Pinckney,
set on South Carolina plantation in 1739
I've previously read 

Letterbook of Eliza Lucas Pinckney, 1739-1762: Intriguing Letters by One of Colonial America's Most Accomplished Women (Women's Diaries & Letters of the Nineteenth-Century South)

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