Sunday, June 18, 2017

Summer Projects

We have moved to the summer house for awhile--Can't be there
without some projects--I looked into one of storage boxes
and found all these pieces--2" squares and some units

And there are a few finished blocks--my memory faded
till I remembered these were the blocks for "Hopscotch,
Butterscotch" by Bonnie Hunter--I'd made one quilt with
these units and have oh so many left--enough for another quilt.
I don't have the pattern with me, but think I can 'wing' it
with the blocks and borders till I get to the outside borders--
then what??

I also found a box full of these units that are the next step in
leader, ender pieces--I'll be using these as I sew along..
come join me in a sewing summer time!!

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