Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Our Chinchorro....................

Finally! we have a place to hang our special chinchorro or hamaca!
We were in and out of Venezuela for many years--living there,
working there, enjoying the customs, crafts, arts, food and especially the people.
When we left the country, one of hubby's Venezuelan co-workers
gave us this wonderful gift, which came from (Monagas)
Tierra de Gracia.
I had bought a hammock as well, but this one is special as
it was made with us in mind.

Just look at the detail in this tree fiber yarn, made from Curagua tree (much like tequila plant)-knotted, fringed, such decorative edges

And the stitches that enclose the loose warp threads
all twisted by hand, all stitched with loving care

Myself, as a spinner, know how tedious it is to make rope this
twisted--not an easy thing to do

Each section looped off and tied to the base warp threads

What makes it special is our names stitched into
the top of the hammock

Oh, yes, this is such a special gift!
as we swing under the tree, we remember those
lovely people who carefully crafted this with
us in mind

A Gift that will be loved for years to come...

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