Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Color Combination

I've always thought that any shade of a color will work together, whether it's in a quilt, painting,
clothing, etc.  Take nature for instance--if a tree is green, all shades on that tree will harmonize together--right!   All hues of reds work well in a quilt--true!  Any tone of blue, etc. etc. etc.....

#1 son recently put new leather seat covers in his truck.  He thought he was getting
a grey that matched his interior decor UNTIL the covers were actually on the seats--then
the panic set in!  Once in the truck, which has tones of dark and medium grey,
the covers looked light!  He pulled me out to have a look--saying, "This is horrible!  These
don't match anything!" 

"why son, this works perfectly fine!  All shades of any color blend nicely!"
He says now after two weeks, he's getting used to the seat colors--I think he's just
becoming ONE with change!

Why do I bring this up?  Because I'm having the same issue with one of my knit

I started out with light green in my handspun silk--oh, so lovely
then I ran out of that yarn and added a darker green for a few rows--
didn't like the feel of that yarn so I switched to forest green alpaca yarn--
NOW, I'm having the same dilemma #1 son was having with his
seat covers--not so sure this works!

I'm taking my own advice--
all shades, hues, tones, values in one color
DO work together!
Knit on I will! 

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