Saturday, June 10, 2017

Up Your Knowledge on Embroidery.............................

One of my classes at the conference was Elevating your textiles with Embroidery..
Although I've been stitching my method of embroidery for years,
it's always worthwhile to learn from someone who does excellent
work in threads.

Here we have some samples of our instructor's work--
this is on handwoven fabric--it just revives plain fabric

One of the things we did was make a sampler of different
stitches--here is our instructor's work--

Such wonderful French knots!

And just line and squills--but the look is

Here is the feather stitch on another piece of
handwoven fabric

Different widths of the stitch

Grid work with color selection

Running threads--this is handwoven fabric with grids

Just take a look at this these running stitches--short
and sweet

Couple of interesting books that I was not
familiar with

Here is masterpieces of our instructor--it's on silk paper

Variety of glittery threads perks up the look
of a exhibit piece

Another piece of silk paper with back stitch work.
Now, if you need a place to start to look up 
embroidery stitches--look no further then Here
All I want to do now is STITCH!!

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