Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Picking Their Brains!

Not only do we go to conferences to learn from each other, but we
are there to 'pick the brains' of our instructors, enjoy their work,
and relish in their enthusiasm for their art.

The instructors exhibit is one of the highlights--usually, you are only
able to attend 3-4 classes during the four day conference, so we
can view the work of other instructors.
This is Michael Rohde, "Acoma" tapestry in wool using natural dyes

Another Michael piece--look closely!  Do you see the face?
That is self portrait of the artist "Contemplation"--wool tapestry
with natural dyes--ingenious work!

Rosalie Neilson was showing, "Red Sky Crow" in Rep weave

Close-up of detail

Rosalie Neilson's rep weave 
"Green Grows My Garden"


Rosalie Neilson's Rep weave
"Ascending Tiles"

Jana Vander Lee's silk tapestry, Navajo blanket warp set
"Gateway to the Dawn"

Deb McClintock--Natural dye shaft switching technique

Michael Rohde's tapestry "Indra's Net"
dyed with indigo

Eileen Hallman use of natural brown cotton warp,
handspun cotton singles weft--
"Zanshi Khadi:  Harmony"

Lynn Williams
"untitled" Silk fusion

Lynn Williams "Water Market"
silk fusion

Anastasia Azure
"Astral Aegean" dyed fishing line, plastic lacing,
enameled wire, brass, faceted topaz

Woven wire by Anastasia

Connie Elliott's Arashi shibori technique,
wrapped, dyed, wrapped and dyed again, then 
clamped on border--good use of indigo vat.

Connie and her core group did 175 Arashi napkins for
the keynote dinner--a real privilege to receive one of these

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