Friday, June 9, 2017

Member's Exhibit--Oh WOW!

This is your view when you entered the exhibit hall--just
breath taking when you see that full overshot coverlet,
"Helen Jarvis Double Chariot Wheels" by
John Schmact--

This is definitely a winner!  This won Handweavers of
America Award
"Opphamta on the Drawloom"  by Charlotte Allison

"Black Swan" felting by Olga Tarasova

Elegant and flowing movement!

"Cochineal Sunset" by Shannon Hardy

"Kelp Shadows" 

Weaver is DeeDee Woodbury

"Purple Geometrys" woven by
Meg Wilson

Judy Phillips presents her Seven striped pointed twill towels

"The Beginning of Mad" by Rebecca Shanks

Judy Phillips gives us more of her wonderful Point Twill towels

Another winner!  Interweave Press presented their
award to Marian Chinn for her Spot Bronson Bread Cloth

Look at this lovely!

Olga is quite the gifted felted and
presents this whimsical hat with curls

"Espresso Lace"

Lynn Smetko won an award with this piece in the fashion show

"Autumn Leaves"  by Nancy Chronister

A very complex weave structure

A painted warp by  Diane Ferguson

"Aurora Borealis" 

Laura Viada was a big winner at the conference--
This piece won numerous awards


"All That Glitters" by Barbara Esterholm

Laura Viada "Distance Vision"

Close-up of this transparency

There were also some spinning yarns--two of them winners

Lisa Hardaway is an artist in residence at Houston Center
for Contemporary Crafts, so this is one of her rugs
As you can see, there were lots of inspirational pieces--and you
walk away with so many ideas in your mind!

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