Sunday, October 31, 2010


Here are photos from Contemporary Handweavers of Houston Material Matrix exhibit. Some of the pieces were difficult to photography so they could not be presented here. Enjoy more of these fine masterpieces!

Blaine Davis' version of "Riff on a Fake Kandinsky"
"Ocean Garden" by Elisa Lewis
Therese Coucher "Untitled II"
Close-up view of "Turned Monksbelt Scarf" by Connie Elliott. Sorry that the full view was blurry.
"White and Gold Iris" by Joanne Purkis. The pieces encased were difficult to photography.
"Present Sorrow" by Lynn Williams
"Celery Delight Kitchen Towel" by Barbara Nelson
Close-up view
Some lovely baskets "Elm Bark" by Connie Huelbig
"Postivo Negativo #2" by Giovanna Imperia

"Fantasy Flowers" by Charlotte Jean Hatch
"Little Summer Scarf"
by Barbara Nelson

"Ethereal Earth" by Diane Ferguson
Antje Goldflam "Friends"
"Lady of the Lake Scarf" by Lynn Smetko

Antje Goldflam presents "Cherry Trees in Spring"

"Long Distance Link" woven by Tracy Kaestner

"Ripe Plums Are Falling" Janet Bodin
Linda Sura's basket "Bamboo Grove"
"The Solace of Ambiguity" by Laura Viada. The spotlight blurs the pattern

"Navel Entry" Colette Durbin

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Contemporary Handweavers of Houston (CHH) is celebrating its 60th Anniversary with “Material Matrix,” an exhibit of contemporary fiber art, at Gallery M-Squared, 339 W. 19th St., in Houston’s historic Heights. The show will run through November 14. Material Matrix was juried by Ann Matlock of Johnson City, Texas and Patricia Spark of Albany, Oregon, both internationally recognized fiber artists. Ms. Matlock is known for her elegant, tapestries featuring handspun and hand-dyed yarns. She also heads the fiber arts program at Lamar University. Ms. Spark is known for her “watercolor felt.” She is also a sought-after teacher and author on the subject. The Gallery is an interesting space. Located in an converted theater, the area is large and very diverse for exhibits. Although the lighting is good for textiles, it makes it very difficult to photograph a decent picture. Let's take a stroll through the art pieces. This first one is an exquisite pillow made by Elisa James and is felted using handerchief for the center section of the design.
"Thinking Straight" by Laura Viada shows the workings of double weave--straight lines or is it an optical affect?
"Crimson Butterflies" by Charlene Kolb is very wearable or used strictly for an art piece.
Close-up view of weave structure
Dee Dee Woodbury creates "Citrus Silks"
A 'new' weaver, Marian Carlson, shows off her not so kitchen towels--too lovely to use!
Nice weave structure.
Lynn Smetko leads warp painting to this elegant scarf "Quercy Fall Ivy Scarf"
Her weaving never fails to delight the eye and hand.
"Play" by Dee Dee Woodbury uses silk paper and silk threads to make a grid
"The Sands of Time Continue to Fall" woven by Tracy Kaestner.
Lovely weaving!
And this wonderful cape from the loom of Tracy--"Sylvan Cloak"

Sorry, this photo is blurry, but the weaving technqiue wins the prize.
"It's My Party" dress by Diane Rinkoff--felted top with tulle skirt also sporting felted flowers.
Scharine Kirchoff presents "Dianto's Tuffet"
Fanciful felt with stitching
And Jewelry is the accessory: from the hands of Linda Sura, Giovanna Imperia, Kathie Hayes
A tree full of felted hats by Barbara Kile.
"A Hymnal: Songs of Praise" presented by Caryn Vukelich is a clever way to show weaving samples
Simply titled "A Summer Curtain" by Connie Elliott is not necessarily just a curtain!
Close-up view
Giovanna Imperia's piece consists of stainless steel warp and silk weft--pliable and movable--fluid.
"Follow the Tracks" by Charlene Kolb is another show piece
Barbara Esterholm shows off her color variations and warp dyeing technique with "Garden Pathways"
Best of Show Award went to this transparency woven by Laura Viada--a real feast for the eyes.
A seven foot monster (not really) "Fiona" rests lazily on the floor of the gallery--all felted by three talented hands: Barbara Kile, Sherry Doty, Betsy Finger
Therese Coucher shows off this untitled piece of warp face weave.
These are just a sampling of the wonderful pieces on display! Stop in and take in the sights of "Material Matrix".