Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Should Have, Could Have, Didn't!!

Several months ago, I saw this pattern in a magazine--should have ordered it
right then, but I didn't!  I thought--"I don't really need to make this one"
That pattern just wouldn't leave my pea brain though!
Could have bought the kit right then but "NO", I waited too long..........
That pattern kept itching in my brain and when I went back to
purchase the kit--it was no more!! Drats!

I searched for the panel--found it!  Should have bought it
months ago--I'm looking online to find the fabric--none
available, well, not all of it anyway--so, I was buying
in piece meal--some from here some from there.........

Should have, Could have, but didn't--stupid me!
there will be some substitutions and I really think
I've spent more time looking for fabric and more $$
than if I had bought the kit right then and there! 

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