Saturday, July 30, 2011


Hurrah!  The final clue to Miss Terry mystery KAL pattern on Ravelry!  The yarn is handspun green cotton from a dear friend (previous post of May 29--Spinning Memories).  Anyway, the last step of clue 3 was to increase stitches to 521 and in our count, there was one missing--not bad for adding more than 250 stitches to the regular count--so, what do you do?  Add one, of course!  But, then when knitting into clue 4, row 3--guess what we found?
The missing stitch!!  It had been dropped along the way--bummer and oops!  Got to pick up that little stray and bring it  up to the needles.  Where is that expensive ($8) crochet hook that was bought on one of our shopping sprees?  It would be perfect to use.
How about the Hiya needle pouch?  Nope! not in there.
Then it must have be stored in our regular large bag--sorry, have to disturb you--little pig.  Search, search--nope, not in here.
Then it must have been dropped into one of the knitting bags along with the planned knitting.  How about this one with the Bear-y Cute Hat pattern from Mindy Vasil.  Oh, yeah, this is going to be a really cute hat--when it gets done--but, no $8 crochet hook in there.
Okay, how about in the Knit Picks needle bag?  This indeed would be an excellent place to store $8 crochet hook--but, nope not there either.
Back to searching in the knitting storage bags--2011 Kalendar by Carmen Oliveras--oh, boy--we are so far behind in this pattern--must catch up soon before another clue comes out.  But, alas--no $8 crochet hook!
Oh, yes--it must have been dropped into the sewing bag--but, nope--not there.
There is still more knitting bags to go through--how about this one?  Wolle's yarn just waiting for the right inspiration--not there either.  Gee, this is really getting aggravating!  Where is that darn crochet hook?  
Pulling everything out of the mesh bag--no hook!
These two hooks were found--cheap plastic and metal--but not the expensive $8 one.

<><><><><><> <><><><><><> <><><><><><>
Okay, here is another storage bag--Ananke waiting to be continued--not there................

Getting desperate now--even searching the little bag (made by dear friend Julie) that stores all the wires for i-pod, camera, phone--no way, it could be in here.  Think! Think! where was the last place that little hook was used..............................................hmmmmm, seems that we were working on that cable stitch and using that hook to hold stitches while sitting on the sofa.  Oh, no--dare we think it fell between the cushions? and do we really want to lift the cushion and found what else is hidden there?  Okay, let's go there..............
There you are--you little dickens!!
Yelp--there you lie in all your glory along with little crumbs, dust, popcorn kernels and who knows what else.  Okay, now that we found that expensive $8 hook, what were we going to do with it again?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Post 259: What To Write About??

It is always a challenge to find something interesting to write about--so let's just take this blog to catch up on a few things--not saying it will be interesting......................................
This is our picnic quilt--it stays in the car and is pulled out when we attend concerts or just want something to wrap up in for those cool evenings when we are away from homebase and forgot our jacket--of course, it isn't used much for that purpose this summer--been too darn hot!
And speaking about 'hot'--how many of you just -love- to iron?? Not this soul!! But, here is a great product for those times when you need just a little bit of starch to brighten up a blouse or pants.
It is also used when making the pieces for the applique--works super good!  This is July's block from Bunny Hill Designs.  Henrietta! SShe does get around--it is one of those free designs that shows up the fifth of each month. 
Another free design is this one--which is such fun to stitch--Birdie Stitches!
And deconstructed Overall Sam or Andy--whatever--has been constructed.  Once all the blocks had been stitched, it was leaving the hands free at night and a situation developed--what to stitch now that this is finished??  This quilt top is packed in a box, heading back to Texas for long arm quilter Judy to put her special touches on.  The tops will be sent to Joplin residents as soon as all the handwork is finished.
Okay folks, that's all for post 259--see you next time. 
Happy stitching, treadling, reading, singing, listening, sleeping, eating.............or whatever strikes your fancy!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Denver Fiber Haunts!

Any day spent with knitter friend Judy is a good day! Judy knows her way around Denver fiber shops and today we are meeting up to hit some of her favorite fiber haunts. Off we go.....................
Our first visit is Wooden Spools where you can indulge yourself in vintage yarns and fabrics.  These shop owners will buy your stash! for resale!  What a great idea!  Judy warns that you might find something of interest and you might not, but, it's all good--as the prices are half what it would originally be priced.
As you first enter you are surprised to see name brand yarns right at the door steps.
The front portion of the shop is dedicated to yarns of all types--and brands.
What a selection!  If you see something you like, better snatch it up!
And the price is so right!
To encourage participation in their workshops and classes, the walls are decorated with upcoming classes and finished projects.
Take a look at this lovely original cape pattern.  Don't know how to knit, crochet or quilt?  They are there to assist you with their wonderful line-up.
What a wonderful 'Courthouse Steps' quilt!
Contemporary your thing?  This is the place for you.

Off to lunch we go--up Broadway a short distance is our destination--Mona's Cafe--a perfect place to sit, relax and enjoy a light lunch as we chat about our projects and life events since our last meeting.
Our next stop is just two blocks from our lunch spot--Fancy Tiger.  Now, this shop might look tiny--but, wow! they pack allot into this small space!  Yarns, books, featured authors and fabric too.  Not, just any fabric, but Amy Butler selection.
Need to learn how to knit this sweater?  There is a model in the shop and classes are held on site.
And look at this--Habu Fibers! and a lovely scarf pattern featuring their stainless steel knitting yarn--now, this is a shop!
Glancing up into the loft, what do we see but rovings--must check this out.
The latest publication from the creative hands of Plucky Fluff, Lexi Borger, lies on the front table along with various spinning fibers.
The latest models of spinning wheels adorn the table in the corner--gee, what advancement has been made in making these wheels portable and travel able.
On to our next fiber haunt--Fabric Bliss: as the sign reads--boutique, sew studio and knit lounge.  The enthusiastic new owners of this shop are making headway into the unknown.  Although, the shop had limited supplies, they are on their way to making inroads into the fiber world.
The backroom is set up as the sewing studio.  You can bring your own machine and leave it--work at your leisure on your own project away from your home.  It's a way to visit with friends as you sew.
The shop is inviting, so come sit awhile, knit or sew and meet the owners.  Parking can be a problem at various times of the day, but fortunately for us, we found a space right in front of the shop.  This is classified as Santa Fe Art District and galleries surround so you'll have plenty to occupy your time if fiber is not your forte.  We had one more shop to visit but the time was drawing close to mid afternoon, so we said our good-byes till next time.  Anytime, Judy says, "let's visit some fiber shops"--count me in!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Out and About Town

We hear allot about 'Staycation' these days, so why not take one around the city? Enjoy some of the sights and sounds of our immediate area--so off we go. Must prepare first, pack that cooler with lots of cool drinks, add some reading matter to your kindle (in case of traffic congestion), dial up your i-pod to Pandora selections, fill the car with that petro and take off--oh, yes, it helps if you have an itinerary so you don't back track or get lost and a GPS is a big assistance if you are not familiar with the location.
First stop--lunch!  We are going to experience a Vietnamese restaurant:   New Saigon--proclaimed the best Vietnamese restaurant in town.  We arrive shortly after 1:30 and the place is still packed.  But, luckily, our wait is short.
What to order?  The menu is extensive and not familiar to our palates.  Next best thing is to ask the server--what would you order?  We settle on the 'make your own spring rolls'--perfect!  But, when it arrives we have no idea how to proceed so our gracious server gives us a lesson in rolling our spring roll.  Dip the dry rice paper wrapper in hot water (provided), place in the fresh veggies (bean sprouts, shredded carrots, cilantro, mint, green leaf lettuce, rice noodles, any meat) and roll.  Looked easy when she did it!  When we tried we couldn't quite get everything in the wrapper and get it rolled before it stuck to the plate.  Alas, we did manage a 'somewhat' eatable roll--delicious-all those fresh veggies and the dipping sauce was outstanding.  We also ordered pho, which is a soup loaded with goodness.  Too much food--take away bag we carried out the door.  See that cooler comes in handy when traveling.
Our next stop--liquid refreshment!  Stranahans whiskey distillery--the oldest in Colorado.
Enter through those doors and you will see the process happen--only today there was nothing going on, but at least we could hear about the process.
Fill these tanks with all that good 'mash' from grains...............
Flowing from the above tanks through various tubes into these copper kettles where heat is applied.......................
And soon you have a 90%+ proof liquor which is diluted with pure spring water and into these American oak barrels to age two years.
Drain into large whiskey bottles, pop in the cork, slap on the label (done by volunteers who get to reap in the benefits at the end of their shift) and you have a finished product that is only sold in the state.
And now to the tasting room--ahhh, our wait is over!  Our tour guide skillfully fills the tasting glasses, even pouring some liquid refreshment (water) for the under age set.  Nose the whiskey before tasting, sip, swish around in your mouth and swallow--feel the burn and taste the flavors.  These batches are limited, so better get your bottle now (so says the sales gal).  Priced @ $59 a bottle, we added one to our liquid cabinet.
Now, isn't it time for some cool refreshment?  You bet!  So, off we go, about two miles as the crow flies to Spuntino
We have come for the gourmet Popsicles!  Now, which one to choose?  So many unusual flavors to pick from--
Perfect for a hot day--Tropical sunrise (mango, papaya, pineapple), pineapple cilantro and plum pomegranate.  Yummy good! 
And our last stop of the day--Chocolate!! Roberta's chocolate is a small shop off to the side and it is packed full of goodness!
When is this festival?  Please select me as one of the judges!!
The shelves are lined with all types of chocolates.  Immediately, our eyes spotted the 'grab' bag--$2 bargain for 1/2 lb of chocolate.  Name the fudge and Roberta's has it--our stash is complete with a small bag and homeward bound we are.  Thank goodness, for chocolate and cool drinks as we trudge back to the interstate and the biggest traffic problem we have experienced in a long time.  Our adventure is complete for another day.  Yeah, these 'staycations' are pretty good things!