Monday, June 19, 2017

One Day Quilt...................

With a little help from my friends, I was able to sew up this fabulous
quilt in one afternoon!  And I was able to sew on my granny's featherweight
machine!  I forgot all about this machine until I needed a machine for the
summer and there it was!  It sews beautifully!

This was one of those summer projects that I brought with
me to the summer house--I found the bag in the bottom
of the stash bin--out of sight!
The best part of this quilt was that our group had shared
5" squares last year.  The squares were to be Texas themed

All the squares were ready to be used--just follow the pattern
and sew--Thought I was good to go when I laid out the major
part of the quilt--Well, NOT!  I didn't pay attention to the
way the background sections went--rip, rip, rip
out two sections and turn the block
and now we're good!

Borders are on and now we can say complete--the blue was
batik Texas bluebonnet fabric--don't have enough for binding, 
which means back to quilt shop or think of something else that
will work!
such a good day!  

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