Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Beading it!!

When a new pattern appears on Ravelry with beads, I'm instantly attached!  This was a mystery--and yes, I so love mysteries!  We knew the end result would be fingerless gloves, but what would the pattern consist of? 
The pattern called for #6 beads, which thankful I had on hand! but, I couldn't find my beading hook (ok, it's just a very tiny crochet hook!) so what to use to put that bead on the stitch??  I tried dental floss--that was a disaster!  now, what?  I've spent so much time just looking for some way to put the bead on the stitch, I could have got in my car, driven to the knit shop and picked up another hook!  But, no!  I'm just looking for that perfect way to put that darn bead on the stitch!! 
Light bulb went off!

How about using threaded sewing needle?  that should work..............string the bead on the sewing needle, put needle through the stitch, but--you need to put the sewing needle back through the bead in order for the bead to slip onto the knitted stitch

and put the bead on the stitch--ah, it worked!  now knit the stitch to lock in the bead and move onto the next bead............................well, that's all and good until....................................the next stitch, you split the thread on the sewing needle--and you have double trouble! 
Okay, I give up!
I bought a small crochet hook set--which I'll keep with my knitting needles!  They will always be on hand for any beading project------we can only hope!

I can load more than one bead on the hook

and it slips through the knit stitch perfectly----without splitting the thread

Hurrah!  I can bead all day!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Benson Sculpture Gardens

It is always a treat to walk through Loveland, CO's Benson Sculpture Garden!  And this day was no exception--a bright sunny Sunday morning.  Please take a stroll with us as we enjoy the old and new of this fabulous park.........................
This is a new piece for 2014--take a look at the website for more information on all the artists and read their artists statement.

A pause as we watch the bees buzz about their work

another new addition in 2014

Several of the locations are adopted by individuals and groups in order to maintain the beauty

Amongst the bulrushes, you can hear the rustling wind and watch the cattails whip to and fro..........
An awesome walk--!! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Here a Stitch, There a Stitch--Back to Knitting!

It has been a slow knitting time--I don't know why.  Maybe, because it has been summer.  Maybe, it was because my hands were tired and needed a rest!  Or Maybe, it's because I was down right lazy!  But, now that cooler weather is here................................no, that's not the reason--it is because Christmas is in three months!!  And I need these done, finished, completed, over with, accomplished, wrapped and ready for gift giving!!!
This neat little hat used two balls of wool--these are handspun wool bits that I found in my stash.

I'm on a mission to use only my stash--and all handspun, if possible

Here is a finished man's hat and scarf set!! Hurrah!  One set down and how many more to go???

I alternated two colors of wool here--seems to work for me! 

Okay, I have one man's scarf finished--must get to that hat soon.............................

For this scarf, it is all the same yarn--and you know, on these long scarves, it gets rather boring to knit--another reason why it takes me so long to knit!

Another gal's hat down!!  This one is silk--also, have the fingerless gloves finished too--

Still need to make the scarf--really thinking about this one long and hard--I want something exciting to knit........................................and we move on to
Scarf in a box!  Okay, this isn't handspun but it's been aged--only for a year, but it was in my stash--everything you need to make this scarf was in the box--silk yarn and silk scarf--all dyed to match

Knitting this up was --boooooring-------but look how the works with the silk scarf woven in and out of the sections

So many ways you could wear this scarf too--with or without the silk.  Okay, we are looking to get busy--real busy as we count down the days...............................................
What's on your agenda for gift giving?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Let's Fall into Autumn!

There just something about Autumn--
The blooms of Mums

What is it about those fall colors?

Are we just ready for some cooler weather?

Do we want to embrace the leaves of change?

My favorite time of Fall is roasting of Hatch chilies at our local nursery--there is just something about
the popping sound of chilies roasting.  And then there is the smell!! Ahhh, fresh roasted chilies--
The leaves of change--such colors of nature!

Then there are the fruits of fall

apples of every taste

I love the chance to place my old weathered wagon at the backdoor--a view that is noticed every time I walk through the door

and at the front door, there is the basket of fall flowers--
I hope you like fall as much as I do!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bonnie Hunter Club Gathering For the Summer!

Alas, the summer meetings of Bonnie Hunter Club comes to a close for me--what fun it has been!  I must bid farewell to the BH gals for this summer.  Every gathering has been productive, creative and absolutely a learning experience.  I think whenever you have textile people together, you have a winning combination--always a chance to learn from each other.
And with our fearless leader, Jessica, BH gals get an added bonus--someone who knows their way around fabrics.  This  top was brought to Jessica for her expert hand at long arm quilting.  The quilt was made with all plaids and is perfect for fall.

One of our regular gals, Susan, had show & tell--this wonderful 1930's fabric with embroidered baskets of flowers

Such delightful baskets!

Judy was displaying her BH mystery quilt from 2013 winter time--BH's pattern "Celtic Solstice"

I think Judy is the only one in the group that finished this mystery.

Look for BH's 2014 fall mystery (free on Quiltville) sometime around late November

Pam showed this top, which would be perfect for a quick gift, also great for Quilt of Valor

Every once in awhile, we have a visitor from out of state drop by the shop and this time, our visiting quilter was working with these fabrics

to make this quilt top--didn't get the name of the quilt pattern though

This one is called "Cheese and Crackers"!

Quilted by Jessica

And this super duper dragon quilt was also quilted by Jessica!

Each dragon is lined with seed beads--just outstanding work!  But, Jessica commented that it was a 'dragon' to quilt with all those beads!

Pam is working on these string blocks for another one of BH's patterns

This will be the center block--can't wait to see the finished top!
Another good day spent with Bonnie Hunter gals!
Thanks Jessica, Judy, Susan, Pam, Tall Pat, Little Pat, Cheryl, Marsha and other BH gals for a great summer. 
See you Summer 2015!