Friday, May 7, 2021

There We Were!

 Yes, there we were--in all our glory! It was all smiles from the minute you opened the door to walk in to the warmth that filled the room!  Yes, we were there!  Friends who hadn't seen each other for over a year and half!  Like so many in this world, we had been isolating--now, we are back as a group--friends forever!  It was time to play catch up--how do you do that when there is so much to learn from each other since the last time we gathered? 

So much laughter, many opinions to hand out, advice to be given, happy notes of family events and special occasions--yes, there we were!  And it was just like we hadn't been apart those 18 months!

We shared a delicious lunch to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!  There was a spread of fajita beef and chicken with all the trimmings; seven layer dip and queso with chips, magical no calorie 'fluff' for dessert--which I need the recipe for!  I took my Mexican salad with chicken--here is a basic recipe.  Wish I'd taken a photo--it was really pretty before it became mixed up with dressing.

I used this dressing--was afraid it would be too 'soapy' tasting, but was quite nice.  I  topped the salad with crushed corn chips and queso fresco cheese--we had leftovers for our dinner--yay!
It was a delicious lunch!  The conversation and company were the BEST!

I filled my fiber bag (my Florida friend made for me) with projects to be stitched--thinking my hands would keep busy while my mouth and ears were occupied--but, alas.................
the only thing I got stitched was this very small top!

oh well, all is right with the world when you are with good friends
who care and love you for who you are!

Monday, May 3, 2021

Happy Day!!

Its' always a happy day when you update with your monthly block
sew alongs!

This April's block for Hands All Around:  Alcott-- I should be thinking of 
joiner blocks when I have time

Another row completed for the charity quilt from
Fat Quarter Shop--Serendipity QAL

Another block in Pat Sloan's "Home" quilt along.
I'm working in red, white and blue--she has several quilt alongs--I don't know how she keeps up with each month!

This spring time quilt is definitely needed in my stash!
And now that I'm caught up--I'm behind again!
Happy Sewing to you!


Thursday, April 29, 2021

Mistake or Design Element?

Do you declare that mistake you made is really a design 
Element?  No!! Never!  Of course, it was not a mistake but
A liberty taken in the pattern!  

I’ve been working on this pattern for two months now—
I stopped adding beads ( cause I was running out of beads)
Isn’t that another design element?  

The pattern has these lovely X’s—and the way the pattern reads—calling a “mistake” a design element is often in 
My vocabulary!
Knit on!  Mistake or design element?  It’s my work of art!!


Sunday, April 25, 2021

Spin, Spun, Span

It was time to pull out the spinning wheel and get to work.
This is just one hank of my carded brown cotton that has aged well!
I grew brown cotton for years; harvested the bolls, hand ginned the seeds,
and since I'm lazy--I sent the bags off to be carded and placed into these hanks.
Mostly, purists of brown cotton will hand card their cotton into 
If you want to see a wonderful exhibit of Acadian textiles.

It just takes some patience and a few hours of treadling to produce a bobbin
filled with this rich lovely fiber!

Three bobbins full = time to ply!
I love spinning my home grown brown cotton!


Thursday, April 22, 2021


 Recently, we lost a friend through a tragic accident.  He was mid age but still in the prime of his life.  Why? Everyone was asking.  The grief and sorrow weigh down our souls--we think of him with every note of music played or every thought of how could this be; every photo we see.  There have been memorials for him and another one to be held end of the month.  I know it's a time to rejoice and celebrate his life but I can't help wondering--did I tell him how much I appreciated him when he was walking near me?  Did I say--"hello, how are you today?" enough.  Notice his presence in our small world--can we never say enough about close friends and family to remind them that each day they are a miracle to us!  

Now, we are all wanting to remember his life--but, that is not enough--he won't know how much we loved him or cared for him or his music--his smile was breath-taking and his statue was awe inspiring--he has left this worldly body.  We can't tell him how we felt about him!  oh, we'll hug each other tight and say--"oh, remember when this happen, or that day he played that song"--we'll smile and say, "we'll miss him"

I should have told him more often what he meant to me.......................................

I should have hugged him tighter when we met...................................

I should have declared he was my friend every single day........................................

I should have remembered that earthly life is fleeting and to seize each precious moment.  

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Why Pink???

I just reached into my yarn stash and pulled out pink yarn--thinking--what??
I have no idea!  I'm not a PINK person!  Knit I did in the pink yarn I had in
my stash--then, of course, what happens when I run out of those pink yarns
on hand?  I looked for some white yarn--oh, I could dye it PINK!

Well,  I found a white yarn--all I had on hand was red food coloring--so in the
pot it went and this is the pink yarn I have now--oh, okay it will work--after all
I'm just knitting the pattern to be knitting.  This shawl will go to a Pink person
indeed.  The pattern is weekly knit along from Knitlet.  it's mindless knitting
for me unlike the more tedious Japanese knit alongs I have on my list.
I'll get around to those one of these days.
My next problem--what to do when I run out of that pink dyed yarn--
I'll need to do some fast thinking when I reach into my stash bin.


Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Geese Are Flying!

 Yes, it's Spring time--The geese begin their migration from their warm winter settings back to their home land--The geese are flying!  You can hear them as they 'honk' their way north--it's a marvelous sight and sound.  

Not only are the 'geese' flying in the sky--they are flying in my studio!  Seems like every pattern I'm working on now has flying geese involved--
This is flying geese big time!  Monthly QAL hosted by A Quilting Life--this is the block
for April.  Each month you can learn a new technique as you advance through the year.

More flying geese for this month's addition to
Charity QAL hosted by Fat Quarters, Serendipity--each month
a different row--looks like I'll need to do TWO rows of flying geese for this one!
Another row of the month quilt along is also using flying geese--
we're on row 3 now, which includes log cabins
Tuning My heart 2021 BOM

I'm getting good at doing flying geese!  There are several methods to create these
noiseless patterns--

1. Traditional Technique: for quilters who like to use it 
up and make it do.
2. Flip, Flip, Finish: for quilters who enjoy a good ol’ chain-piecing veg-out.
3. Fast and Furious: for quilters who like to finish fast—times four.
4. Paper-Pieced Geese: for quilters who wish to piece with the utmost precision.

Connecting Threads has an unique way to construct--
No matter which way you build your flying geese--it's a learning experience!