Sunday, July 15, 2018

Harris Tweed----Outstanding!

Check out how Harris Tweed is produced!  I would love to have a loom that I could pedal!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Christmas In July QAL!

There is a coolness in the air--that's right it's time for Christmas in July--
Not only is Hallmark Channel bring you Christmas movies in
July, Confessions of a Fabric Addict is giving you a free
sew along--

It could be a Quilt of Valor 
how about Christmas colors?
This quilt will measure 68" square

Each step will be revealed for twelve days--the designer
states you can do each step in an hour, if you keep up!

Gather your supplies:
Fabric:  Three different fabrics--Fabric A:  1 3/4 yards; 
Fabric B:  2 1/8 yards; Fabric C:  1 3/8 yards  
I plan to use fabrics from my stash--it might look scrappy.
Happy stitching beginning July 14!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Absolute Slouch..................

Woolly Wormhead, one of my favorite hat designers is
offering another one of her knitted hat patterns
free of charge---have fun knitting a creative hat--
The hat is worked flat and seamed; it includes slipped
stitches and basic increases and decreases.
Visit her website to join her Woolly Wormhead Hat Society--
free of charge as these free patterns are exclusive to members
for a month, before being published on the free pattern page for
all access.
The next newsletter goes out towards the end of the month.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Let's Finish This!

There is a bin of pieces for a quilt--almost
looks like scraps--nope--these are the "parts"
for last November's Quiltville mystery
"On Ringo Lake"--it was free for several
months but not now--so glad I saved all
the monthly instructions/directions.
It looks like a mess--look again--there are some
assembled bocks--this clue is more time consuming,
the reason I put the box away

I was tired of working with all those small parts and pieces
Now, it's a go to a finish!  One small problem--can
you find it?
Blaring mistake once I begin again on this conquest--
the blue block in right hand corner is turned wrong!!
glad I found it!  It wasn't the only mistake either--

This is the finished block--all 50 of them!
I Have ONE!!  continue on....................
Here is my stack of 50 complete blocks--
now to find the next step in my files
to carry on!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Well, OKAY--

When I was making this Texas Flag quilt for our son,
I cut WAY sooooooo many 5" squares!  I had a pile of
reds, whites and blues--and I'm thinking--
what do I do with these?
Idea hit me that a disappearing nine patch would be
perfect way to consume all those extras--so
we begin to sew! and sew! and sew!
Till I had a pile of nine patch of positive and negative
patches--next decision, which way to cut those blocks.
I decided on cut through the middle both ways
and now you have more blocks to deal with--
how to set them??

This one works for me--but I tried several other ways
to place them

We're on the track to create a Quilt of Valor.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Quilting Time

Finally catching up with Fat Cat BOM for Christmas
and Halloween

Of course, a new pattern rolls around with the month--so
I'm not quite caught up!  These blocks are filled with
raw edge applique--which suits me just fine

This is the first block of the series--I opted to sign up
for reminders--only $5 for the year and each month,
there is a reminder in my email with each month 
listed with link--perfect for a slacker such as I
The camera eye sees colors different than your human eyes
When I decided to place the yellow "Y" on this gold
background, I thought it would work; once it's
photographed--not good!  will need to take it off
and replace with another color

Jingle! Jingle!  all the way!  Love her tree!

Hello Halloween--these mice are just so cute!

I don't do much purple-- but this ghost is ohh
so ghostly!! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Silken Works

For Years, In the back of my mind, I've thought of a silken pillow case--one
that will feel so soft. and smooth.    If I could spin the silk for that pillowcase,
I would be so happy.  Spin the silk, weave the yardage--
what a goal!!
Any idea how much silk it takes to weave a pillowcase?
Me neither!  I know I can do it--I did spin a brick of  bombyx 
for daughter's wedding dress--that was 30 years ago.  I know I can
spin silk again--it's just time consuming; little bit at a time--
I spin!  The bobbins fill slowly.......

This is plied from two bobbins that were spun several
months ago

My make do "lazy kate"--works well--a good way to
ply when on the road......
ahh, silk through the fingers--such a lovely feel and
I keep thinking about that silk pillowcase that my head
will fall on.