Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Coming Along.......................

I began this Riley Blake Designs Quilt "Meet The Makers" of 2018
I love the look of the finished quilt--why begin another project when
you have 20+ waiting to be completed????? That's the question of
the time!
But, It's such a lovely quilt and I have fabric!
Just look at it!  Isn't this the prettiest thing you have ever seen?!
Well, almost!  It is lovely though! and right now I have 16 of the 
blocks done!! That's something to crow about, isn't it?

These are the first 8 blocks--I finally dug into my hand-dyed
fabrics--don't know why I was preserving them--they look
great in this block!

The second set of 8--done, finished--
well, of course, I don't have enough for the third set of 4--
do you hear that??  

Only 4 for the third set--

Along comes fourth block --
Love that video tutorials are given for each block and you
can stop and start where you need.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Halloween Mystery Quilt

The Quilting Company has taken away my sanity!
I love Halloween!  I love Fall!  I love anything with Orange!
But, doing this clue was not my favorite way of spending a day!

Doing Kaleidoscope is not easy; although we began with
these wedges: 
Seemed simple enough--until you put them together--
oh, the website has detailed descriptions, but somehow,
my hands went one way and my brain another!

Now, these turned out okay- I'm thinking for
the top one, I'll add a spider in the middle--that could
cover a multitude of uneven centers!
and the finished quilt,,,,,,,,,

Friday, September 21, 2018

Quilts of Compassion

You can also follow along on their Facebook page.

The Quilts of Compassion Disaster Response TEAM is currently monitoring Hurricane Florence. We are planning a deployment to the area!!! We will have detailed information once landfall has occurred and Tier 1 organizations have responded to assist with immediate needs of food, shelter, clothing and medical attention. Quilts of Compassion is considered a Tier 2 Disaster Response Organization that responds 6-12 weeks to an area AFTER all “basic needs” have been met, to assist with emotional healing and needs of communities devastated by natural disasters. Our TEAM arrives into areas after Tier 1 organizations have left and residents are faced with the magnitude of months/years of the recovery process ahead of them. We arrive at the most important time in the recovery process...when communities start to feel hopelessness and are completely overwhelmed with the recovery process. Our Disaster Response TEAM brings hope...lovingly delivering beautiful handmade quilts...on your behalf...DIRECTLY to those that have experienced loss due to natural disaster. Since 2011, we made 20 deployments to 43 communities in 13 states...delivering over 25,000 quilts that are generously donated by the quilting community!!!
How can you help?
We are accepting quilts of ALL sizes, as well as fleece and crocheted or knitted blankets. You may use any colors or pattern for men, women, children or infants. They must be in new condition and quilts may be quilted or tied. If they are tied it must be with pearled cotton...no yarn. We are unable to accept rag quilts, quilts that are personalized with a specific name, are holiday or sports team specific, are in worn condition, smell like smoke, have pet hair or stained.
Quilt recipients LOVE to find out who made their quilt and what state or country it came from. Please add a quilt label with any information that you would like to pass along to the recipient. You may also include a hand written card. Please include the card in an unsealed envelope and safety pin in a ziploc baggie to the right hand top corner of the quilt.
If sending USPS, please send to:
Quilts of Compassion
Disaster Response TEAM
Hurricane Florence
POBox 350296
Toledo, OH 43635
If sending FedEx Ground or UPS, please send to:
Quilts of Compassion
Disaster Response TEAM
Hurricane Florence
8248 Deerpointe Drive
Toledo, OH 43617
PLEASE include your name, address, phone number and email address!!! We will confirm the receipt of your quilts via a phone call or email within 48 hours of receipt!!!
If you are a Quilt Shop that would like to partner with our Disaster Response TEAM as an official drop off location or you are interested in volunteering as a member of our Disaster Response Team, we would love to talk to you! Please call us at 419-708-9343 or send a private message through our FB page!!!
We will continue to keep you updated as Hurricane Florence makes landfall on Thursday & Friday. We are planning on having a live Facebook Forum this weekend with more info once landfall has been made. PLEASE keep those directly in the path of Hurricane Florence in your thoughts and prayers in the days and weeks ahead!!!
Your donated quilts “Bring Hope & Encouragement” to those we lovingly serve at a critical time in the recovery process for those that have experienced devastating loss. We need your help to continue our commitment to selflessly serve the hurting, on your behalf...lovingly, faithfully and compassionately...TOGETHER...one quilt at a time. 💗

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Autumn Love!

When I saw this pattern-I fell in LOVE!  After all, it is Autumn Love
by Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet Blog

I love Autumn--anything with Autumn or Fall in the name is a winner
for me!
Besides, she does give a tutorial on each block on her blog--
what's to not like about that!

And She gives you a sewing guide to follow along--all you
lack are the simple shapes--I looked at this pattern for the
longest time--do I order the Simple Shapes?  
After all,
I have all the other Simple Shapes for her other patterns--
AND I never did the quilt...........

Was this different?  Would I order and then not follow

Well, guess what?  I ordered the Simple Shapes for
Autumn Love quilt--of course!

Most of it is applique and I do enjoy stitching--

Monday, September 17, 2018


A few Snippets lying around--just
a few small projects waiting to be finished and
 waiting for those UFO's to be completed
all by themselves!
I'm waiting for the magic sewing elves to appear
during the middle of the night and
when I wake--all will be done!

Alas, no elves appeared, so I soldiered on to work on 
these --the above is the latest (I've finished!) from Pat
Sloan's All Merry and Bright --I like these as they are
quick and easy--if you get to them!

This is one of those projects that couldn't be completed
in one sitting--The mystery quilt along from
This is clue 2--I can't find my fabric for the first clue--
bummer!  But, step 2 is finished!

Okay, I'm tired now--so off I go to listen to a book
while I soak in the tub!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Stitching The Cloud

Here is a sweet stitching for your enjoyment!
Always look to the rainbow in those cloudy, rainy days!

The pattern is for the design only....no instructions.  The design size is 7" x 9 1/2", although you can enlarge [for applique] or shrink it.  

Available in my shop for instant download:  

Thursday, September 13, 2018


  • September 4 - 27: Spinner registration 
  • October 1 - 7: Spinning Week
  • October 19: Yardage Results Posted
 Spinner registration is now open! 
At its core, Spinzilla is the challenge to generate a very big number to show the yarn universe and beyond what we spinners are made of.
Spinzilla is a vehicle for individual spinners to spin more and worry less!  We don't care what kind of yarn you spin, we just want you to grab a tool, any tool, and get spinning! We need those yards! The more you spin, the better spinner you will become. 
Team Ply
The event is paid for by the generosity of our sponsors. Spinner registration fees are donated to the TNNA Foundation
Handweavers Guild of America also hosts National Spinning and Weaving week.
YOu can download their poster on this website.  Learn about this creative week
and how you can celebrate the craft of our hands.