Sunday, June 25, 2017

Grandma's Kitchen SAL

 My Granny didn't live near me, so I wasn't around her much-- I can't tell you what her kitchen was like.  My paternal grandmother died when I was very young;  I have vague memories of her and of course, no kitchen--I'm looking forward to this SAL (sew along) from Pat Sloan, which begins Wednesday.

Every Wednesday there will be a block added to her website and it's free!
Don't we all love free?? 
On her website, she gives suggestions as to fabric choices--but, I'm waiting to
see the first block to choose my fabric.  This SAL will run till
I so enjoyed her Summer Solstice SAL
The blocks are still up if you are interested.

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  1. Ah, went to see the blog. The quilt will be her idea of Grandma's Kitchen. Ha! Mine would be considerably different. I remember my gram's kitchen very well. The Squirt decal on the window to the porch where the wringer washer lived. The gas range that always smelled of bacon and biscuits, the cupboard door that was too wide and once you reached a certain height, everyone called out to warn you not to barge right in and get yet another bruise. The old wooden table that was tall enough for me to walk under but only till I was about three. The window over the metal sink and the shade with the crochet covered pull ring. Now that inspires me to make an art quilt. Maybe someday.