Friday, June 2, 2017

The Swag Bag..............

Every conference you attend will have a 'swag' bag to give you as a participant--At a weavers' conference it's the same--you can't wait to dig through your bag and find out what 'goodies' are there!
This conference did not disappoint!  The weaves of the state are so generous with their creations--if you are assembling a 'swag' bag for your conference, you just might want to adopt some of these wonderful items for your goodie bag.
Each participant received their choice of a fabric covered notebook

Inside was pen and paper for your note taking during classes

Each name tag was looped with a Kumihimo braid

Here are all the goodies from my bag laid out for one photo

A nice fiber sample--this will be fun to spin!
There were two woolen hot pads--one woven and fulled,
the other fulled wool bat--perfect for the kitchen

A woven sample with the draft

A nice note card that contains as swatch of woven fabric
on the cover

And this handy gadget, which is a warp spreader for the times
you need to add a thread--
Such great gifts from weavers far and near! 

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