Friday, January 31, 2014

End of Year Video

End of the year video--wow!  how much did I do this past year--some of it summed up with photos from my Google albums.  Too bad there wasn't any from the end of the year fun.
Workshops, conferences, gallery shows, concerts, visits with friends, attendance at livestock show, travel to presidential libraries, gatherings with friends!  What a year! 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Spinners Everywhere!

It's that time of year again--January Spin-in 2014 held every full weekend in January at The Palms Conference and Resort, Destin, Florida. We have been gathering for 26 years to spin away four days.
Our theme this year was "Toot your own horn"!  A perfect time to let everyone know what you have been doing for the past year.

Can you pick out the different wheels in the photos?  We have spinners from several states and Canada.

We enjoy our time in the ballroom spinning yarns--every type of fiber you can imagine

There are few brief times when the wheels are given a break as the spinners circulate throughout the room to visit friends and vendors

We are lucky to have vendors that can supply our every need

We learn from each other as we treadle into the night

One of our fun things is the door prizes

The table is laden with items that participants willingly bring to trade

Do you have a lucky number?  come sit and spin with us for awhile.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Silk Cocoons + Silk Rods = Necklace

What do you do with silk cocoons, silk rods, thread, beads?
I've always collected beads--more components filled with various sizes, colors and styles

And there are the various accruements one needs to work with beads 

And then I found these silk rods that were hidden away in the closet

Here are many dyed silk cocoons--let's get creative!!

to build a necklace!

The white cocoon is the only one that is 'complete' while the others are open ended--what fun to make this creation!

And now I have a lovely silk cocoon/rod necklace!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fiber Artists Gathering--SE Asian Textiles

At our recent Fiber Artists meeting, Our guest speaker-- Donna Durbin brought numerous textiles that she purchased while living in SE Asia.  She had a treasure trove of interesting fiber techniques in her collection.
Reverse applique

More Reverse applique, ikat dyeing

Warp and weft ikat

Knotting with hemp

Another hemp knotted bag

Warp that has been tied for weaving

These were cotton fibers with weft ikat

This was a silk weft ikat

Pick-up weave structure

Shibori tied indigo dyed

Hemp yardage

I liked the contrast of these two rolls of yardage

In this fiber you can see the subtle differences in the warp.  It is always an interesting time when you can touch and feel textiles from another country.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


I don't know about you, but I have a basket full of Chunky Yarns!
And I never know what to do with them.

Some of these yarns have been naturally dyed, others are just there waiting for a creation of some kind

So I was thrilled when I saw a group on my favorite knitting site, Ravelry, that was doing a KAL (knit along) with chunky yarns.  There was a mystery knitting project for a felted bag from Marigolds Loft.  Needless to say, I'm behind but it's a start and mindless knitting that can be done while watching TV, listening to a book or waiting in doctor's offices, etc. 

The other thing about chunky yarns--you use chunky needles!  Size 11-17 and how often do you do that?  This pattern is from Meagheen Ryan Designs.  Gauge 3 stitches and 5 rows per inch.  This yarn is Noro, Kochoran--a blend of wool, angora and silk--a definite aged yarn!!
This is part of Christmas in 12 months project.  You get the pattern the first month (cut off date to enroll was December 31, 2013) and if you finish it, you get the pattern for the next month, and so on and so on.  Otherwise, the pattern can be purchased. 

You can find several of Meagheen Ryan's patterns on Ravelry.  This will be a nice gift for someone on my list. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Weavers' Delight--WOW!

Our WOW (Way Out West) Weavers meeting for January was a discussion on our year long project--Traditional Swedish Weaving.  Members brought books, photos, ideas to the meeting. What shall we weave--can it be non-traditional colors or should we stick to the traditional colors?  What about yarns?  What about..................  We SO do not want to be confined to one set of rules--these are non-traditional weavers!
Then our leader, Marian, pulls out her samples with linen

She has decided on the weave structure but now deciding on what weft to use


Then on this sample she had hemstitching to finish off

Karen brought her window pane Swedish lace

Gerry had other lace pieces to show

These pieces were woven for a previous state conference

An interesting traditional Swedish weaving with traditional colors

Then there is Monk Belts weave structure

This shows another technique to add interest to the woven cloth

How about Swedish rug weaving?

And then there was the opportunity to present other weaving that were not Swedish
Karen used beads in the weft

Here is M & O's weaving cloth
Then Boundweave on Rosepath threading

More samples of absolutely wonderful weaving!

Here is a composite of Karen's Boundweave along with some textiles she bought in Philippines

Another composite with colorful weaves on the bottom and Turkish rug at the top (a gift from Barbara's daughter's travel to Turkey)  So glad we have trained our kids right to look for interesting textiles on their worldly travels!!