Sunday, May 31, 2015

Frixion Pens

Have you seen these pens?  Erasable on Fabric? WHAT?
I didn't have any idea this type of pen was available until one day at our regular quilt gathering, Judy M pulled one of these pens out--did her little song and dance--mark on fabric, heat it and wow! it's gone!
I had to have a set of these pens, just to say I tried them myself--and I can't just have one color, but
I went for the whole set of colors.  Let's try it.............mark on fabric

touch it with heat

and it's gone!  Like magic..........

Yes, it looks gone............but looks are deceiving.

I wet the fabric and you can see the line faintly. 
check it out for yourself.  There are some good researchers on the web--read all about
these pens there.  They have done better research than I have.
These pens are fun to have around though, if just to make magic!

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