Sunday, May 17, 2015

The American Woman's COOKBOOK!

We have been going through Mother's house now that she has moved to Assisted Living Facility.  It's amazing to me what Mother would save--there were all sorts of interesting tidbits of 'stuff' I found in her cabinets.  But, this is one that really made my heart leap...................

It was sealed in a zip lock plastic bag

It isn't in great shape either, but turning the page

The copyright goes back to 1938

and a notation on the first page is this "My first cookbook given to me by Richard" (my daddy) in July, 1940--that was her wedding gift from him!

Recipes are indeed interesting!  I remember Mother serving liver and onions to dad and us kids--we hated it!  Dad loved it!

Here is now to make your own cottage cheese from sour or sweet milk

Most of the photos are black and white.
Just look at that gelled mold on top right--how many of those were we served in our childhood?
What a treasure find for me! 
Next time, I'm at Mother's house, I'll wade even deeper through her 'stuff' to find more treasures!

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