Thursday, May 7, 2015

Selvedges in Sewing

Okay, We've gone through Selvedges in weaving and knitting, how about sewing?  Did you know that those painted dots on the selvedges of fabric contain some valuable information?  What is a Selvedge anyway?

"Definition: The selvedge refers to the edge of fabric as it comes off the bolt. The selvedge is the edges of the fabric which has manufacturer information. This area of the fabric is usually a bound edge that does not fray.

The selvedge of the fabric may also have color dots which show the colors used in the fabric and lines to indicate the repeat of a print on the fabric"  About Home   Interesting information, huh?

Now, let's look at more information on sewing with Selvedges Sewing Selvedges     

and to make sure you have a straight of the grain fabric, here is a video to give you that info.
And if you are like me, I cut off those selvedges, toss them in a box and keep for future projects.  check out how you make interesting things with those selvedges.
Sew Mama Sew
And if you need more inspiration, check out Pinterest!
Oh, yes I've used my selvedges for creative projects--just need to buy more fabric to get more delightful selvedges!

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