Friday, May 22, 2015

Linen Projects

I struggled with this study group project.  I'm not a big fan of linen, that's for sure, but once in--all in!
I was working with
This linen warp and using

handspun cotton/silk blend for weft, but somehow, I just couldn't get interested in making a finished project with this cloth--it will be saved for a rainy day.
Then I went on to weave on this linen warp, using handspun paper for weft

This is washi linen paper, which was cut into strips and then spun to be used as weft

Now, this I could really get my head around--
a photo of my finished project,
a heart shaped potholder.  I used hand dyed indigo cloth as my lining
and binding.

I also have this cone of washi spun paper ready for another time

Finely spun paper that can be used for weft.  I'm thinking I might ply this at least 4x to get a nice strong warp.  We'll see.
At least, the project is finished and we move onto the next study--wonder what it will be?  Not linen, that's for sure!  Been there, done that!!

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