Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Independent Films

Have you ever attended an Independent Film Festival?  The last two years we have found time to hit this film festival--Hill Country Film Festival.  The Festival is well represented with independent film makers from many world countries.  I think that is the part we like about this event.
We usually like to see the 'shorts'--various small films that last less than 15 minutes.  We also have a chance to rate the films we have seen.  there are some really good ones here to view--only one that I disagreed with, but that is what the filmmaker wants--discussion on his topic of conversation.

I think our favorite by far was "Man in the Can"--a film about minor league rodeo clown with big dreams to make it to the major leagues before he gets too old or taken out by bull.  Check it out!
Recently, there was a film festival in Estes Park, CO, held at Stanley Hotel.  This was totally horror films.  Check out Independent film festival if one comes to your town--there is no better entertainment at a good price.

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