Monday, May 4, 2015

Read Like A Child!

I love Children Books!  Children Books of all shapes, sizes, colors, no words, some words, poetic words, nonsensical words, picture books, texture books and the list grows!  Whenever I visit a Book Shoppe, I head to the children's book section to see what's new.   Find a good book, pull up a cushion or plop on the floor and begin to read.

The 50 Best Books For Kids is a listing of books that some find worthy of reading over and over again. 

In fact, I have the complete set of Beatrix Potter's Books--all little books that are certainly a pleasure to hold in my hands.
But, according to my list, there are a few not mentioned on this listing
A great read for anyone--several years ago a group of my friends and I visited Tattered Book Store in Denver and of course, we went to the children's section.  One pulled out this book and said "I love this book" so it was bought.  Later, in the afternoon as we sat and relaxed we decided to read our books out loud--
we passed it around until someone was brave enough to say "I'll read it!"
and so the pages turned, the words were spoken, and by the end of the last page,
we were all in tears!  Happy tears!  Lovely tears!
To this day, I will gift this book to a new Mother!

And this book!  Ahh, a favorite of our son--he would want this book read every night.  When he was a grown man, he still enjoyed the story of this book and he gifted it to his friend's first born.
Books live forever!
So, If you need permission to play in the Children's book section,
I grant you that permission!!

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