Friday, May 8, 2015

It Was An Indigo Day

Our group of weavers, spinners had a good day for dyeing with indigo.  The skies were that wonderful clear blue which meant we'll have no problems.
We had this set of instructions.  Everyone's recipe differs somewhat but this is a basic recipe for today.

We are using natural indigo powder.  We are using 1 Oz of powder into the solution, along with Thiorea Dioxide (I use color remover for this) and lye.

and here is our stock solution--ready for the dye pot.  We had a large stainless steel pot with temp at 100*--it works well if the sun is shining on your pot too, but today was breezy so we used a electric burner in order to keep the temp constant.  A portion of the stock solution is added to the water in the stainless pot

First timer Susan was using one of Connie's fancy clamps--look closely at this--you might want to add these to your tool box!  This is one dip into the indigo pot

I did some overdyeing on this scarf.

I had some men's cotton hander kerchiefs to dye, which will be used as luncheon napkins. 

Another one of my cotton scarves to over dye

Susan's silk/wool blend took a nice dip

Connie had a white shirt that she didn't like so into the dye pot it went!

This will be fun to wear!  As always, indigo dyeing is magic--

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