Friday, May 1, 2015

Selvedges in Weaving

There are selvedges involved in weaving--in sewing--in knitting!  Today let's work on our selvedges in weaving!  Why do we obsess over nice clean selvedges when we are weaving?  Maybe, that's the first thing, as a weaver, you want to be perfect--or it's because, other weavers always look to see how you did your selvedges so they can improve.

  Laura Fry  has these following steps.  They are listed on Craftsy.

Tip #1:  Beam the warp under consistent tension using good packing materials

Tip #2: Try to be consistent about using the correct amount of tension during weaving on the warp for the yarn being used

Tip #3: Do not weave too close to the beater/reed

Tip #4: Wind your bobbins well

Tip #5: Don’t over fill bobbins

Tip #6: Leave a good angle on the weft and make sure it is loose in the shed when beating to ensure that it can take up across the width of the weaving and not cause excessive draw in.

Tip #7: Be consistent advancing and tensioning the warp

Tip #8: Be consistent in beating

Tip #9: Set the weft loops at the selvedge with good tension

Final note: The first step in achieving good selvedges is to develop good working skills.

From Jane Stafford, another experienced weaver comes these tips:

Beat, Leave It…meaning, leave your beater against the fell
Change your Shed
Beater Back to the Castle

If you want to have a great discussion with other weavers, bring up this topic!  you will have several ideas on what works best when weaving.............

Happy treadling!


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