Saturday, May 9, 2015

Some Stitching Is Involved

Continuing with our indigo dye day, Connie had some old cotton shirts that she took apart and was doing some stitching on several sections.  She used a loose long stitch--here is where the design element comes into effect.
Connie is showing Susan how stitching will give you interesting look on cloth.

She used regular needle and sewing thread--although a heavier cotton thread would have been stronger
Now, it is time to pull up the threads.

Connie pulls each section slowly in order not to break her stitching thread

She continues pulling

Then she ties off each section with a surgeon's knot

Each section is tied securely

And now it is ready for the dye pot
Before the fabric hits the dye pot, Connie wets the piece thoroughly.

Into the bath it goes

After sitting for a few minutes allowing the dye to penetrate through the layers of stitching, Connie slowly brings the cloth to the side, squeezing out the liquid as she slowly raises the cloth to the surface--no splash back allowed.

Connie allows the fabric to dye completely before she takes out the stitching--I'm always to inpatient to wait!  Here she has removed the stitching and she has a wonderful design element where her stitching was

Shibori Techniques--try it!  You might like it!

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