Monday, June 1, 2015

“Coton jaune - Acadian Brown Cotton - A Cajun Love Story”

In one of my past lives, I worked with many fine Acadian folks--I learned how to grow true Acadian brown cotton (a very short staple),  gin the cotton by hand, spin this home grown cotton, the difference in twist and angle of spinning and how to weave Acadian style.  Recently, my Louisiana friend sent me an update on the way this craft is being kept alive. 
She included a link to Hand Eye Magazine with the article that featured a recent documentary.   I've ordered the DVD so I can relive those memories
Many moons ago, we visited with Dr. and Mrs. Holden, who are collectors of Acadian textiles.  They have the finest collection.  Here are a few of the photos that I took on my journey through Cajun life.
These blankets are using natural white and indigo dyed cotton

Here are many brown cotton blankets along with some indigo blue creations

Acadians were very creative in their patterns--checks and stripes

Lovely blankets.

This was a patchwork quilt that used small scraps of leftovers--in fact, this quilt was analyzed by LSU textile students--I have the exact square by square thread count, ply direction, yarn sett, warp and weft. At one time, there was a thought, I would recreate this lovely quilt--

This is the poster from the first exhibit held on Acadian Textile Heritage in New Orleans, December, 1980- June, 1981.   

That recent email stirred up many great memories and cravings to spin that brown cotton I have been aging!  I'm anxious to watch the DVD! 

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