Sunday, May 24, 2015

Watching Penny DYE!

Okay folks, we are watching Penny DYE, not DIE!
Us fellow hand dyers always have this joke about
watching someone dye--and if you don't know what
we are really talking about
You could get upset,
but this is
what we do................
We heat a big pot of water, add our fiber and then the dye

Penny was dyeing these huge spools of wool that had been spun around a core fiber.

These yarns will be used for rugs--luscious rugs to walk on!

The color has been taken in by the yarn and now to the rinse bucket

and Penny unwinds and unwinds

Does she like the color all the way through?
or does it go back into the dye pot wound the
other way?


Just perfect!

And Penny is all smiles with your colorful yarn

Now, to lay it out to dry--so may D words!

We all agreed, we liked this variegated look on the fiber

Now, I'm anxious to see her finished rugs!
Once finished in the dye shop, we must head into the studio to see what's on her loom

Fabulous!  I'm thinking this is for a swatch swap--shhhhh!

Liking this!  Penny owns Skyloom Weavers.  Visit her sometime--because you'll be in for a treat!

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