Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Permission To Play!

How often do we as adults actually find time to PLAY?  Just cut loose and play?  Recently, I found a way to play and do something creative at the same time--then, I'm asking myself "why do I feel the need to play and be Creative too?  Why can't I just play?!
I've always loved color--especially Crayola colors!  I have big boxes, little boxes

specialty boxes

all unused boxes of Crayola colors

a good gift for me was always another box of Crayons

There were bags of coloring books for any child that came to visit

they could dig into my bag of -broken- crayons and color away!

Now, I'm ready to PLAY with my Crayons!  I have a box of colored pencils
My tray of Crayons (brand spanking new!)
and this book 

Look!  It's an Adult Coloring Book!
Now, I really have permission to PLAY!
Come join me!


  1. I think we are definitely kindred spirits. I also love coloring and just recently saw these adult books and doodle books . I won a coloring contest when I was five and even got my photo in paper, Won $5 and uses it to buy tap dance shoes!

    1. Way cool! Winning a contest just validates your play time! Good play some more!