Saturday, May 2, 2015

Weave It! Weavette! Small Looms!

If you are a weaver, how were you first interested in weaving?  Was it with this small loom?
I found this weaving loom at a garage sale--priced at $.50--what a bargain!  Not that I've used it lately.  This is definitely a keepsake for ages to come!
The previous owner laid down the warp and began to weave with the weft.
There are so many ways one can weave these days.  When I began in 1970's, I used a photo frame--just wrap the warp around the outside areas and began.
We can use cardboard pieces, paper plates, ice cream sticks, etc.  Check out this Pinterest page for other weaving equipment that won't break the bank!
And Schacht has this portable loom that is getting rave reviews from new weavers!
Weaving is a never ending craft to learn!  Never boring! 

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