Saturday, July 25, 2015

Three Came Home....

WOW!  So happy to have that message from Alycia!  She had three of my quilt tops to quilt
and she was finished!  Time to pick up!
This was one large quilt!  A scrappy Rick-Rack Nine that I completed last summer

I dyed the backing with this tangerine orange--love the solid color so I can see all the fine quilting

An Orphan block quilt that was also finished last fall--no rhyme or reason to this quilt but fun to work with and Alycia did it justice

I had this black and white fabric in my stash and it worked perfect for the back

Such whimsical quilting too!

Too much to take in all at once

You can see the meandering lines on the backing

Oh Yes--Downtown Abbey quilt from LoveBug Studios, designer Ebony Love
The only one I finished this year!  I didn't use DA fabrics but
chose to work from my stash

and the quilting!  Alycia did a different quilt pattern in each section

Feathers, swirls, cross hatch--great work!
Now, to spend some time with the binding!
I'll be stitching for another few months!
If you need a quilter, check out Alycia's work!

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  1. These are all fabulous. I am jealous of Rick-Rack Nines since mine is in the hospital. The Downton and Orphans are so inspiring. You and Alycia do great work.