Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Butterfield's Horses

Early one morning, during member's only time, we walked through the
Denver Botanic Gardens to view an extra-ordinary exhibit
We have come to see the horses from the hands of Deborah Butterfield
My first thought--these are made from driftwood pieces--
definitely!  But, she goes a further step and bronzes the driftwood!

What beauty and grace these horses are!

The gardens is the perfect setting for the magnificent horse

Each horse is named for either a location or a horse in her stable

Laying down as resting horses do

Standing up to show his full height

This horse was made from found metal pieces


Duo of grace

I love horses anyway, but these horses are just breath taking!

Up close you still think you can't believe your eyes!  If you have a chance to view this exhibit, don't miss out--it is awesome!

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