Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"Ooooohs and Ahhhhhs"!

There comes a time in our Bonnie Hunter Days when we can show off the latest creations--most of us have been working on these quilt tops for days, weeks, months and we just want to brag!  So here we go......................
Little Pat (because we have a tall Pat) finished this top--the tree tops are paper pieced.
This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern


This is Judy's finish--all done!  another Bonnie pattern

The movement in this quilt is awesome!

Judy not only creates a lovely quilt top but her backs are just as creative--
also, a way to use up those small bits of fabric you don't want
to have on hand anymore!

Here is another finish--same pattern as above
but it hasn't been quilted yet

Skip the Borders book has given Judy another beauty!
This quilt top was done at Laughing Ladies Quilt Shop 
Where she had a pampered day!

The quilt blocks are cut for you, ironed for you and lunch is served!
all you need to do is show up and sew!

This is another one of the "Pampered" day quilts
"Skip The Borders" book has the pattern

Here is a close-up of Jessica's quilting--nice!
Tall Pat is showing off her finished top from years past--she said it had been
sitting in her studio for months and she decided it was time to finish it!
It's a sampler quilt

Here we go with a Quilt of Valor pattern--it uses 8 fat quarters of fabric.  This will
be presented to our state rep who will have it quilted and given to a soldier, to thank them for
their service.


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