Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Saddle Up!

Yesterday we toured the horses of Deborah Butterfield
so today, we look at saddle blankets and pouches.
Persian Saddle Blanket, mid 20th C from Iran

close-up of this woven wool/silk

Afghan 20th C--decorated horse blanket

cotton, button, velvet, feathers

Dine Horse Blanket, early 20th C

wool--natural color; red, possibly cochineal

Tibetan saddle blanket, early 20th C wool

I love how this blanket has been used!  you can see the warp threads and
in some areas you could see the patch work
Southwestern Blanket--notice the grey patch on the right corner

and in this corner more warp threads exposed from wear
Wool/horse hair

Turkish Saddle Bag--quite elaborate early 20th C

natural dyes on wool

Afghan Region, C 1970

I would hope this is what they call "Turkey Red" but there is no fact to that

Indian Horse cover, India ca 1980

cotton, silk, tassels and mirrors--very typical of Indian work
It was a treat to see these horse blankets, covers and bags.
Thank goodness, some of these textiles have survived their daily uses.

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