Monday, July 27, 2015

Cheyenne Frontier Days

We have always wanted to attend Cheyenne Frontier Days!  And every year we procrastinate too long and don't get tickets--but, last year, yes 2014, we made our hotel reservations and bought tickets for the rodeo!  We had no idea what we were getting into!!

There is more to Cheyenne Frontier Days than the rodeo--Oh My Gosh!  There is Frontier Night--name entertainment--of course, the day we selected had no entertainment (that's an extra ticket);

Then there is Old Frontier Town-

Buckin' A Saloon

Carnival Rides--which we skipped!

Indian Village

Old West Museum

CFD Amphitheater--free entertainment--Hurrah!

Grand Parade--which we missed :-(

Pancake Breakfast--Oh Yeah--got to get up early though

USAF Thunderbirds--what a great show!!  Perfect for us the morning after our rodeo day!

Art Show and Sale

Behind the Chutes Tour

There is much to see and do during Cheyenne Frontier Days--what a treat to attend!! 

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