Monday, July 13, 2015

Scraps Out The Wazoo..............................

We've all got fabric scraps!  Lots of fabric scraps--I'm no exception--I have tubs of scraps
One day I went through all the scraps and sorted strips, squares, odd bits--
even threw a whole tub away--
then I thought "Why did I do that?"

So many pieces are too large to wrap around a binder

don't you have this many scraps??

This tub is  assorted into larger lengths.
Now, what do you do with all these scraps? 
I can NOT bring myself to throwing them away-
there must be a way I can use these scraps.
Check this out......
There are many sources on how to use all those scraps!!  Many below--check out the right side of this blog to find other scrap blogs.  I just want to use up those scraps and not have scraps leftover!!
Crazy Mom Quilts
Pretty Little Quilts
Fave Quilts
Scrap Quilts

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