Friday, July 17, 2015

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

Today I'm on my way into the mountains, but the first stop will be at Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden, CO.  This quaint town hosts one of the foremost museums of quilts!  Here you can see outstanding works of quilt art.  Today I'm seeing works by two well known quilters--each with a different and unique technique.
Gwen Marston's work is liberated!  Know the name?  Sure you do.  Gwen is the author of over 20 books on quilting:  Minimal Quiltmaking, Liberated Quiltmaking I and II, Ideas and Inspirations:  Abstract Quilts in Solids just to name four of her titles.
Patsy Heacox is another quilt artist that has her works displayed at the Quilt Museum.
Patsy works with Native American themes.
Check out Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum Face Book page for photos from this exciting exhibition
Ah, yes, I'm excited to view these outstanding works of art!









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