Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Wheels Are A-Turnin'!

 Yesterday was the start of the Tour de France--and Tour de Fleece!  We didn't write about the first stage as we were celebrating July 4th!  So, Today, we begin with stage 2 and we're off.............

Well, I'm spinning my wheel--I began yesterday on July 4th, the official start of the challenge!
Just look at this luscious fiber!

I have about 3 lbs. of this lovely white fiber


I've left this fiber in its natural--no washing, still with lanolin (lots of it!)

I have used this fiber in my one pot dyeing method--that is why it's left unwashed

I bought this fleece at Estes Park Wool Market event one June.  I usually go to the fleece judging--always pride myself on picking out the champion fleece and
this was THE Grand Champion!
I was standing next to the owner of the sheep & asked her if it was sold and she said no!
"Want to sell?" I said.  she thought for a minute and then said "Okay"
we settled on a price!
What a great spinning experience this Romney fleece has been!

Here is the Day 2 stage info on Tour de France......

"For the first time, the Tour de France will experience offshore racing! The harbours and beach resorts of France have offered prestigious finishes by the sea. But only the Netherlands can allow to design a finish line “in the sea”, at the heart of the Zeeland Delta. This unlikely geographical situation will mainly alert the title contenders: risks of echelons are to be highly considered" Christian Prudhomme

2nd StageSun 5 JulyUtrecht to Zeeland (Netherlands)166


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