Sunday, July 19, 2015

This Little Piggy...................................

You see I have a traveling companion--he doesn't eat much; doesn't talk much; sleep a lot.  Actually, he doesn't take up much room in the traveling bag.  He carries his own backpack with his own supplies and clothing.  His name is Little Piggy!
Little Piggy had car envy when he saw this slick red car in the show room.
Sorry, Little Piggy--you can't afford it.

Don't say 'when pigs fly'--because he has flown--didn't go far, but he did fly!

He plays hide and seek amongst his friends--can you spy Little Piggy?

He couldn't believe this sign in Kentucky!  Yes, thank goodness, this state doesn't rent pigs!

He has been known to take a drink occasionally.

He really liked the Glacier Park--

Then he traveled to the Southwest to have some good food

He couldn't go out to the lake in Canada--too cold!

He thought he had found his mother when he saw this golden pig in Seattle

He was telling jokes while we rode the ferry

He made friends in Old Mexico

He put on his warm weather while he built this snowman in Vermont.
Yes, Little Piggy is constantly in my traveling bag.

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