Sunday, July 26, 2015

Let's Head to the Loom!

 My loom is empty!  Ready and waiting for that special warp..............
I must explore..........
Find a way to get myself motivated.

Dianne's Loom Talk blog is so inspiring!  Just when I think I can't use up any of my odd cones of yarn, this pops up! 

Colors, colors and pattern--I found this lovely piece on Meg Weaves.  It has been years
since I have woven undulating twill--I just might have to give it another go!
I went to Handweaving to find some drafts I could use on my 8H loom
Drawdown Image: Undulating Twill with straight twill treadling, Lora  Burgess, 8S, 8T 

Or we could just play!!

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