Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Well, OOPS!

I'm thrilled!  I finished my Christmas quilt!  This is the one I should have bought the kit and didn't; then searched for the right fabrics--well, it's done, finished, complete--well, almost!

I spread it out on the floor to take a photo and only your camera can pick up your mistakes in a flash-there it was!  The big mistake--well, it was only a small mistake, but it was there!

Thought I would have seen it sooner, but NO--already had the borders on and I was ready to press--one small block, NO, two small blocks turned the wrong way!  I could leave it and call it
my path of redemption, but I couldn't stand it.
RIP It--or frog it as they say in quilter and knitter language!  
NOw, off to the quilters it goes!

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