Thursday, July 13, 2017

Santa Fe--Absolutely!

  • Another day in SouthWest--Santa Fe--brings us to our breakfast visit to Chocolate Maven!  We found this place on a visit years ago--so we make a point to return to sit near the kitchen
    and watch as the meals are prepared!  Where else can you get Green eggs and ham or Tofu scramble-- onto another museum visit--or that walk through the Plaza!
The sights off the beaten path
The colorful art pieces that dot the landscape

And the adobe!  I love the adobe structures!

  • Of course, for us, we must visit the local wineries and taste the fruit of New Mexico--one of the first wineries in America.   Our first stop is into Gruet Winery--where bubbly is king! We happen upon friendly folks visiting from Dallas and Rhode Island--we talk and talk for hours over a glass of chardonnay bubbly wine--it can not be called champagne but it's made in the style of the finest French wines.
  • Chocolate tasting is right at the top of the list!  Great chocolate can be found right here.  The rich chocolate you can just pour from your cup at Kakawa chocolates.  Just look at those lovely cups filled with chocolate!

  • Eat, Eat, Eat some of that delicious New Mexico red and green chili!  It seems we can never get our fill of New Mexican food--"do you want red, green or Christmas chili?"  I'll take Christmas anytime!

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