Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Lost Draw Vineyards

Today we drove a short distance (in west Texas, it's all relative--little, a lot, who cares!) to Brownfield and High Plains Vineyard--

this is the vineyard that many wineries in Texas receive their grapes--
acres and acres of grapes.  AT one time it was cotton; now, grapes are the 

You can understand why this is great for Vines--climate, location, soil, etc.

We came to visit vineyard owner Andy Timmons and to see his new Texas Wine Company in Meadow, Texas.  This is full Scale custom crushing facility.  The facility has three coolers on site, as well as two presses. And tanks. Bright stainless steel tanks line the room as there are three different sizes of tanks : 6,600 gallons, 3,300 gallons, and 1,650 gallons. The tanks are designed to perfectly do their job. The diameter of the larger tanks is the same as the height. This has proven to be the best dimension for fermenting red wine.

What a great opportunity to see this operation first hand!  Harvest will begin soon--grapes
straight to the crushers to the bottle to make some super duper wine! 

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