Friday, July 28, 2017

Silk Stitches

Every few days I pick up my stitching--usually, when I don't want to 
concentrate on knitting--
This is my Snowman Christmas blocks--I turned to my embroidery box with
all my threads (wish I had more!!) and pulled out my handspun silk bobbins--

I had forgotten I had these to stitch with--The silk is single ply
and the above has been dyed with indigo

My handspun silk pulls nicely through the cloth and is strong
to resist any tugging--no breaking on this yarn!  
Oh, how I love the indigo color!  I think one day
I'll stitch all my blocks with indigo silk thread (handspun, of course!)

I also have other natural dyed handspun silk threads in
my handy dandy box--I did these when I held a natural dye
workshop--not hard to make a small skein and throw it in
the dyepot along with the other skeins--here I have some
over dyed greenish gold--dyed yellow, dipped into indigo--yellow and
blue make green!
I also use madder, cochineal and logwood--

1 comment:

  1. That's going to be the most beautiful snowman ever! Where do you get such amazing threads? My daughter loves embroidery, these are so gorgeous!