Saturday, July 29, 2017

Selvages--What Do You Do With Them?

As a person who works with fabric, I'm sure you've seen the selvages--there is a lot of information printed for your assistance as well as the manufacturers.

You can find the name of the fabric and the designer

There is a copyright date as well as internet address

And there are all those dots with numbers--what do they mean?
These are color registrations--as the fabric is printed each color goes on in different print
sequences.  Color #1 is the first color to be printed, etc.
these circles or squares serve as check point for printing,
making sure the colors in the fabric are in the right spot.  If not,
the printing process is stopped and realignment takes place.

Some people take these selvages to assist with shopping for additional fabric--
Me, I'd rather take a sample of the fabric.
Most people cut off these selvages, but WAIT--there are
ways you can incorporate those in your finished products.

One year I used them to make paper pieced Christmas trees to
use on my Christmas cards.

Don't throw those selvages away!!  Here are some other
ways to be used..........

The Sewing Loft  has a handy list of 25 things to make with
selvages!  I like the postcard idea!  
Happy stitching!!

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