Thursday, July 6, 2017

Eyfells and Eyfells: Jóhann Eyfells

If you travel the 290 Corridor from Johnson City to Fredericksburg, you will see
off to the north the creative works of Johann Eyfells.  We have travelled that
route many times and we haven't stopped in yet to visit with him.
During the recent Hill Country Film Festival, there was a 
film about Eyfells--but we attend another film at the time--wish they
would show these important films again.

I was pleased to see some of his work at the Kerrville Arts Center when
we visited last week.  

Johann has exhibited throughout the world
and we are happy he's close to our summer home.

Johann Eyfells 

 He began his abstract sculptures in the 60's based on his experiments in chemistry and physics, utilizing the various transformational properties of metals, especially aluminum, iron and copper. He calls his work "receptual" based on his concept of receptualism, a theory he developed to explain the essence of his work.

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