Friday, April 14, 2017

Go Play In The Mud!

Years ago, I took a workshop with on mud painting on cloth--mud cloth
a rich looking fabric that is also called  Bogolanfini.  

In the Bambara language, spoken in Mali, the word bògòlanfini is a composition of three words. Bogo, meaning “earth” or “mud,” lan, meaning “with” and fini, meaning “cloth.” The word is translated as “mud cloth.

We had a super day we had playing in the mud!  Just like kids!--we collected different colored soils from the region, added soy milk as our mordant (stabilizer), and painted away on our treated cloth. 

Recently, I thought of this cloth when we were at a wine function and the ground was soaked with early morning rain--we had mud on our shoes, our jeans, in the truck, on everything--
I have my shoes sitting outside the door to dry--love that color though--
will make a nice mud cloth painting!

I had seen an excellent exhibit at the Denver Art Museum one summer--
and a past blog showed some mud cloth a friend brought to

Here I have found for you a couple of interesting features on mud cloth.
This one is for kids who like to play with mud!

And this one is for those who would enjoy painting on canvas!

and here is the ultimate feature! Painting with soil (mud, if you please!) on walls!

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  1. But there isn't any blue or purple mud. :)