Saturday, April 29, 2017

Holy SMokes!! Spindle CRANE??

Sheila Dixon of Hand Spinning News always has the neatest articles in her monthly newsletter!  There was this article in her March issue about Spindle Crane!  I'm like--What??  Holy Smokes!
This is something I need to investigate!  Taking a journey through the great world of the internet--I found interesting information about this innovative idea for spindle spinning from the hands of Adan Aikerman, who I found on Instagram.

Here is video of how this works!  I also found a group on Ravelry--Akerworks!  Man, the world of spindle spinning just got more creative and relaxing! This 'crane' is in testing phase now.

 "Adan got the idea to help allow spindle spinning while watching shows on the couch more relaxing. You simply place the AkerKate the edge of your coffee table or whatever is in front of you, place the spindle at the back of the pulley with the single going over the top of the pulley, give it a twirl, and draft in a position that would be similar to drafting at a wheel. The set up allows you to pull back your single and easily reach for the spindle when you need to give it another twirl or to wind on. As you spin the twist goes up and around the pulley. You can also pull the single towards you to help transition the twist if you aren’t getting the twist fast enough."  This quote from Evanita, moderator of the Ravelry.

Thanks Sheila for keeping us updated on timely matters!

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  1. Thanks for the mention, nice to know someone's reading! And for the video too, I hadn't seen that one. I'm watching this device with interest, being a keen spindler.