Sunday, April 30, 2017


Don't ever think you can't make something beautiful with a small piece of paper and fabric.  That's where EPP comes into play--That's English Paper Piecing!  Why is it called English Paper Piecing?

 Hexagon-based patterns became popular in England in the 1830s when Godey’s Lady’s Book published the first hexagon quilt pattern in 1835, it became very popular in “the Colonies”.  It was often called “English Paper Piecing” because anything British was deemed very elegant.

EPP or paper piecing doesn't necessary mean you have to use hexagons either--just search the internet and you will find all sorts of patterns that use squares, rectangles,etc. 

Here is an example of a 'smashing' look for EPP--this comes from my friend
Annette who has been working on this design for some time--she brings her
little scraps of fabric and paper to our gatherings and stitches away--
we finally saw the fruits of her labor when she threw out this
lovely garden of colors!!

We all admired the way she used the greens around her
flowers--not completely surrounded

You can see she still have some papers in the small hexagons--
time to lift them out now that she has completed the look
of walking through flowers

Another one of our gals, Judy, has been
working on her Grandmother's Flower Garden
EPP quilt for 12 years--much smaller squares though

But lovely all the same!  Here she is lifting out the paper
from her finished project--she will soon be working on the
borders--we are anxious to see the results.

Want to learn how to use this technique for your quilts--here is a tutorial.  This is definitely a
carry long project--

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