Thursday, April 20, 2017

And Then There Was Some Sewing Time.................

This house is one total disaster--furniture is moved away from the walls; some has been moved into other rooms--pictures have been taken down--it's a land mine waiting to happen!  We have the painters in....................and they are painting downstairs, which has high high ceilings.  Scaffolding has to be used to reach the water leak problem.  While the painters are working downstairs I found time to sew!  Yes, I could sew in my studio upstairs!!  And stay out of the way of the painters!  Here is the fruit of that progress.............

This is April's pattern from A Quilting Life
I'm using greens and pinks from a layer cake
I bought some time ago.  Not my favorite
colors, but it will be a charity quilt and I'm
sure someone will love it.

I found that I hadn't finished last week's pattern
from Pat Sloan's Solstice Challenge

And this one was on the ironing board--just needed to press on 
the petals and do the blanket stitch around each.

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